Worthwhile Reading & Viewing

When I met Putin as a young colonel in the KGB.

Thoughts on Russia and Ukraine, by Vitaliy Katsenelson, an American investment manager who was born in Russia.  Registration may be required–this is the first post of a three-part series.

A historian specializing in Russia has some thoughts.

A proposal to undermine Putin by stealing technical talent.

Don’t Be Preedy…a CB post from 2009 that I ran across while searching for something entirely different.

The Rise of Hot Capital, at Quillette.

And a video on Free Speech and Innovation, from Claire Lehmann and David Perell.


10 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reading & Viewing”

  1. Also worthwhile reading — a perspective which will not be on CNN, for sure.

    Generally, Armstrong assesses that the Russian campaign is going better than Twitter would say. But his most interesting — and relevant, if we can avoid all-out nuclear war — are his comments on the consequences for us in the West of our own “leaders” sanctions against Russia:

    “Judo is about deception and using the opponent’s strength against him. Putin, the judoka, has judoed the West into suicide. Put your money in our banks, we can confiscate it; put your assets in our territory, we can steal them; use our money and we can cancel it; put your yacht in our harbour, we can pirate it; put your gold in our vault, we can grab it. That is a lesson that will resound around the world. A naked illustration that the “rules-based international order” is simply that we make the rules and order you to obey them. In 2 or 3 weeks everybody in the world who is on the potential Western hit list will have moved his assets out of the reach of the West. Xi will permit himself a small smile.”

  2. As a side note, Claire Lehmann is a terrible, terrible, terrible human. Completely disgraced herself forever with her covid hot-takes. Anything she says is instantly discredited just by association with her. Just so you know…

  3. IMO, Claire has shown a lot of courage in standing up for free speech. I certainly don’t think she is a ‘terrible, terrible human’, even though I don’t always agree with her.

  4. FYI, my local gas station jumped the price from 3.99 at 9am to 4.19 at 6pm…after being 3.74 on Monday…yikes.
    “the price of freedom” as the MSM likes to say.
    November gonna be a bloodbath…

  5. This isnt about the azov brigade or pravy sektor or the swoboda they are a system of what happens when your people were starved had your language denied had your lands occupied you expect mild politics why exactly

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