One of the most prominent “achievements” of our disgraced and impeached former governor is “open road tolling” where you can drive through the tollway without having to stop due to iPass. Since this is one of the few constructive things that the State of Illinois has done for a while it was logical that Blago would take credit for it. Left unsaid was that the toll for those paying cash (likely the poorest people) was doubled, and they still had to wait for the toll collector.

Local talk shows had said that there would be some sort of ceremony as his name was taken down from these signs post-impeachment. I don’t think they played it up that much but the State did get off its rear end and get it done. Here you can see an “after” sign below.

It’s not like there are more important things to do in Illinois, such as attend to our monstrous budget deficit, estimated near $10B. He left that behind, too, you know.

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8 thoughts on “De-Blago-fication”

  1. Ha, Rod who? The members of the IL and national Democratic establishment who were fine with him as long as he didn’t get caught (and many of whom are themselves as bad as he was) are now shocked, shocked to learn that he was corrupt.

  2. “I was out there after the vote and lots of the signs were still up. The toll system is big so it took a while”

    To be sure. But I loved the morning of message.

  3. Too bad that the precedent set by my HS classmate, former Gov, Jim Edgar (R) wasn’t followed by subsequent Governors
    wherein he eschewed personal aggrandizement by erecting signs which simply said “The State of Illinois Welcomes You.” This was a class act which alleviated the need to constantly change signs at great cost to the taxpayer from one Administration to another.

    Sorry to say, the word “class” seems to be applicable to only ONE Governor in recent memory…..

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