It Was Funnier In a Movie

Wondrous to behold, in these degraded days, an equally-degraded national media blob, nakedly and unashamedly going all-out as the Democrat Party’s publicity department. Yes, we always knew – or it became clear to us over the last decade or so – that the major news publications, to include the broadcast version as well as the most notable internet sites – skewed progressive. They got down on their knees and worshipped the Kennedys back then, and just carried on, quaffing deeper and deeper of the intoxicating brew that proximity to power appears to provide. They haven’t yet got off their knees and realized in the cold light of day what their job ought to be, which is our loss. Ah, well – we do have the conservative side of the internet, social media, and the ability of everyone with an up-to-date cellphone to record video of anything interesting happening right in front of them. (Like Hillary Clinton being rushed away from a 9-11 memorial event and flung into the back of a van like a sack of potatoes.) And it would seem that the national media machine is losing consumers and viewers in substantial numbers, so we have that to cheer us up, at least a little.

Next to that small consolation, we now have the spectacle of Joe Biden’s handlers and media advisors frantically insisting that we have not seen the man stumble, fall, glitch out, wander away from the crowd, loose his composure and his last couple of brain cells … no, no, no. We have all been watching cheap fakes, deep fakes, our eyes have deceived us … we’ve been fooled, and Joe Biden is in full possession of his considerable faculties! Yes, our president is large and in charge, in perfect health considering his age. I am reminded of a brief scene in the Melanie Griffith 1988 movie, Working Girl, when the title character walks in on her then-boyfriend, stark naked on the bed with a naked woman. (Amusingly, the two-timing boyfriend is played by noted marksman Alec Baldwin.) The boyfriend leaps off the bed, shouting defensively, “This isn’t what it looks like!”

The big laugh in that scene came because it couldn’t possibly be anything else than what it looked like. That was a movie, though – and this is now our reality. Anyone who has ever watched an older relative, neighbor, or friend decline into that slow dissolve of personality and character knows exactly what we are seeing in Joe Biden’s public appearances. It’s all too awfully familiar. Having the national media and the Biden administration frantically telling us that it’s not what it looks like … the scene was so much funnier when it was in a movie. Now it’s only an indicator of how desperate establishment Democrats and their press handmaids are.

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4 thoughts on “It Was Funnier In a Movie”

  1. Since feelings and calculated falsity now substitute for truth, facts and logic, we should not be surprised that there are so many that habitually drink the cool-aid. Still it is disappointing.

    Thank you public education. You abused your position by teaching what to think rather how to think, isolated from an appreciation for historical continuity and wisdom. It took most of a century, but you have done it. May your offspring turn on you and you on each other. Truth can be ignored, but it eventually it has its way. Useful idiots are the first to be purged after the revolution. You can’t hide.


  2. The really ominous part is not that the PTB want to tell you what you’re seeing isn’t happening, it’s that so many people see what they’re told. They go along with it.

  3. Who are you going to believe – me or your lyin’ eyes?

    To me one of the most disgusting things I saw was a white house party where all the usual media suspects were invited.

    And yet they would have us believe that their reporting is objective…

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