Poorly Thought-Out Marketing Slogan

My son is watching TV and he sees an add in Microsoft’s new marketing campaign. Their slogan?

Windows: Life Without Walls

My son quipped, “If you don’t have any walls, why do you need windows?”

It’s the kind of joke that writes itself. Did no one at Microsoft or their ad agency think of this pun or the impression it creates? Seems to me like an unforced error.

8 thoughts on “Poorly Thought-Out Marketing Slogan”

  1. Microsoft has developed such a very bad image among pc users, both business and home users, it will take a lot more than a simple slogan and a tv ad to do away with it.

    I bought a Laptop some years ago, I was happy with XP, although I am a long time Mac user too, I recognized I needed a pc in order to be a “normal” person and be able to communicate and share all kinds of files with everyone, I used XP and I liked it a lot.
    I remember always looking forward to each new windows version and then to the updates. It was such a fiasco to discover that Longhorn, now called Vista, needed more than 4 hours to be installed in my laptop, and additional time to install drivers, it was sluggish, erratic, it has too much candy stuff that did nothing for the user, like “aero” bullshit, some transparent windows nobody cared about but them, that required your entire 2 gb of memory ram and your processor to work, leaving helpless with a useless computing platform because after loading the “aeroglass” that was it, you computer was useless, you had no more processor and memory to perform any basic task like writing on Word or even browsing, simply copying a file from a drive to another took years. It was ridiculous, the so called “containers” or smart folders never really became a reality, yet the huge and wasty database is still there in Vista sucking all your resources. As soon as you buy a laptop with Vista, you connect to the internet and there are about 200 urgent and required updates! About two hundred megas to download with no impact on user experience, just for the sake of making you download stupid long strings of codes to patch other stupidly done strings of code. The list is long.

    Ever since Vista, Windows has gone so bad requiring all kinds of resources from your pc and giving you absolutely no user experience, errors and slow processes. I have bought about five laptops for me a my family in the past two years and in each and everyone of them I have reformatted the drive to eliminate Windows Vista, and I have installed XP to get a decent user experience. I can´t wait to see when Apple releases OS X for everyone with a pc.

  2. It’s been an Internet slogan for years. At least as far back as 1995 I’ve seen quotes like this (we used to call them ‘.sig’ files). “In a world without walls or fences, who needs Windows or Gates?” Your son is clever to have figured this out on his own. Microsoft, on the other hand, probably copied it. (wink)

  3. This brings to mind Skechers footwear, which several years ago used to have the slogan: “We Put The ‘S’ In Action.” The slogan eventually went away, presumably after it dawned on their marketing folks that ‘action’ doesn’t have an ‘S’ in it.

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