All the best to my fellow Chicagoboyz contributors and readers! I hope that the coming year leaves you healthy and happy or at least prosperous and contented. Feliz año nuevo, as they say in Japan.

Christmas 4: War Toys

One of life’s many disappointments is that my son has no interest in war toys. So, I did not get to relive my childhood vicariously, with green tanks assaulting lincoln-log forts and swarms of plastic green army men pushing the grey plastic Germans back all the way to their doomed last stand in front of the fireplace. Nope.

Hence I had no one to buy these incredibly cool toy gurkhas for.

Oscar Wilde said youth is wasted on the young. Toys are similarly, to a great extent, wasted on children.

(I recently read this awesome book about the real gurkhas, which I heartily recommend.)

Christmas 2: Kim Shattuck’s Holiday Podcast

I have said it before, the greatest rock group of our era is The Muffs. Their lead singer, guitarist and songwriter is the wonderful Kim Shattuck. She has had a series of ultra-groovy holiday podcasts.

Dig this totally groovy 2007 Christmas podcast. Good music to wrap presents by.

Her 2006 podcast, part 1 is here, and part 2 is here. The 2005 podcast is here.