3 thoughts on “Gangs of Chicago”

  1. The various minority communities which have allowed themselves to become wards of the collectivist state will, eventually, realize what a disastrous error it was to trust in the promises of politicians.

    Slowly, glacially, the string of broken promises, shattered dreams, and endless corruption will be uncovered and examined. Standing amid the wreckage of thousands upon thousands of lives, the self-anointed advocates and activists who endlessly praised the statist policies and collectivist visions of the political elites will finally be stripped bare and seen for what they truly are—cultural “typhoid Marys”, whose true concern and objective was enriching themselves as power brokers who could deliver votes in exchange for status, power, and above all, money.

    As I have said many times in the past at other venues, if the KKK had been given a mandate to destroy the various minority communities in this country, it would not, and could not, have devised a better plan than the monstrous, family destroying programs of the collectivist welfare state coupled with the disastrously failed prohibition against various intoxicating substances that has corrupted every level of our society, and assasinated two or three generations of young men of color.

    The state-run educational structures in our society are a massive cancer grasping our most vital resources for the future and filling their minds with meaningless, multi-culti, pc crap instead of a solid curriculum of useful skills such as reading comprehension, fundamental math and science, and the truly glorious intellectual achievements of western culture.

    As the book says, better a man be thrown into the sea with an anchor around his neck than lead a child astray. What worse fate is in store for the many incompetents and charletans who waste precious years of potential learning with drivel and pap instead of knowledge.

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