2 thoughts on “Optimism”

  1. Well, it happened more like this. About 3 million years ago, this extra-terrestrial culture put this rectangular monolith thingy among a band of our ancestors and implanted tool use into their brains, and then our ancestors learned how to hunt for meat, how to fend off predatory jaguars, and how to wage war on neighboring bands of our ancestors. Only our implanted tool-building war-fighting instinct has risen to the level of impending wide-scale nuclear proliferation, and we better hurry finding the magnetic Easter egg the aliens left buried on the Moon that we may rise to the next level and save ourselves or something to that effect.

  2. It is obvious that the greatest achievements of mankind come from trade and cooperation among people who are experts in local and global things, large and small.

    So, how stupid to elect people who immediately and arrogantly believe that they know how to plan everything out for people, in any area that they wish to pay attention.

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