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We Want a Warranty for Our Czars

WSJ headline for a letter to the editor regarding a story on the auto-industry bailout:

What was most striking about Steven Rattner’s account of White House deliberations regarding the auto industry (“The White House Car Czar,” Weekend Journal, Sept. 11) was the sheer arrogance and egotism of the parties involved. Mr. Rattner’s description of the bailout decision makers reads like a group that managed to meld the worst personality characteristics of Wall Street masters of the universe with the vanity and narcissism of Hollywood divas.

I believe this content is available without subscription–read the whole letter, here.

See also ruler of the auto industree, a little song I wrote (with some help from Gilbert & Sullivan) in honor of on of Obama’s junior czars.

2 thoughts on “Best Headline of the Day”

  1. David, your song is a jolly send-up of the new age of yankee imperious czarism. Heh, why not start at the top before plummeting?

    Good letter re the preening “auto”cratic tudes in this admin. Fiats used to be a european model :}

  2. The biggest thing I’m getting out of all of these comments here – and the other blogs I read – is that everyone wants a warranty for everything.

    Or else, lots of adults haven’t been paying attention, things kind of fell apart, and now eyes are opened.

    I suppose one way to look at the TEA parties is to see them as sort of a “we’ve got our eyes on you now,” sentiment. And promise….

    – Madhu

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