Hmmm, Leftists or Fire Ants?

Comments from a post on NJ Governor Christie buying air time to lure Illinois businesses to NJ.

Margaret Price: Governor Perry has been doing this to California businesses, which are pouring into Texas faster than the illegals from Mexico. And we’ve got better weather than New Jersey.
mochalite: I agree that Texas has a better business climate, but overall climate? It’s HOT there most of the time and you have fire ants!
sclemens: I’d choose fire ants over blood-sucking liberals any day of the week. Fire ants show their true colors all the time and don’t try to convince you they are stinging you for your own good.
Will the last one out of California please turn out the compact fluorescent light.

Yep, you always know where you stand with fire ants. It might be their one virtue.

7 thoughts on “Hmmm, Leftists or Fire Ants?”

  1. And in Texas, it is OK to use chemicals to kill fire ants.

    Yes, it is hot, but air travel to Colorado and the Caribbean is plentiful and reasonably priced.

    It was sunny, clear, and 72 degrees yesterday in Houston. Today we had some cloud cover and 73 degrees. Not bad for January 29th.

  2. California now has fire ants so that is one more reason to go to Texas, or Arizona. The choice is a left wing bankrupt government or a thriving low tax state. Since both now have fire ants, the choice is easy.

  3. As a displaced Texan, I’ve for years believed that fire ants would be the target of massive federal eradication programs if only they’d get as far north as the Mall in DC.

    Having their enjoyment and use of great grassy areas nullified by a nasty little bug would prompt quick Congressional action, I’m sure, just as in the middle ’70s when the “natural gas shortage” hit the DC area. The “shortage” wasn’t nation-wide, but natural gas was scarce in DC. (In Texas we were paying $3.50/1000 cubic feet — in the northeast the price was limited by law to 50 cents/1000 cubic feet at the end of the pipelines, so there became a “shortage.”) And Congress became interested.

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