Humanity among Monsters: The Descent of Mexico

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From Boing Boing:

A kindergarten teacher in Mexico seeks to protect her students and calm their fears as narco-cartel fighters conduct a raging gun battle outside the window of her school. The woman has nerves of iron.


But hey…..Mexico can’t have an “insurgency” because the narcos don’t have “political” goals. Or a unified political goal. Or because there are still good vacation deals there at all-inclusive resorts. Or….Or…Or…. whatever flimsy rationale helps policy makers continue to punt the war next door.

5 thoughts on “Humanity among Monsters: The Descent of Mexico”

  1. I read somewhere that the infiltration of the police – Federal? Local? – is so pervasive that 30% are on the narco payroll.

  2. Last time we waited until the Mexican bandits sacked a city in New Mexico before we did something about it. How long do you want to wait this time? (I vote “until they seize Hollywood, burn it to the ground, and give the Hollywood elite the honors they deserve for employing so many illegal immigrant house servants.”)

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