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  • ChicagoBoyz Wingsuit

    Posted by Dan from Madison on July 14th, 2011 (All posts by )

    Carl from Chicago has been keeping it quiet, but his new wingsuit hobby is starting to catch on.


    8 Responses to “ChicagoBoyz Wingsuit”

    1. Shannon Love Says:

      Stones. That boy has ’em.

    2. Jonathan Says:

      Holy cow!

    3. Michael Kennedy Says:

      It’s not the fall that hurts. It’s the sudden stop. We used to have a hill popular with hang gliders in San Clemente in the 70s when it was very popular. Conveniently, it was located so the end of a long flight would deliver the glider to the ER door. Lots of femur fractures.

      That guy looks like a candidate for very good health insurance and maybe a prepaid burial plot.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      This video should be called “Quantitative Easing”.

    5. sol Says:

      Why is he wearing a helmut?

    6. Tatyana Says:

      Just looking at first 50 sec of it make me want to go throw up.

      Men are crazy.

    7. Carl from Chicago Says:

      Ha ha Dan knows how awesome my reflexes and balance are which would make me a perfect candidate for this sort of activity.

      That looks like about the most dangerous thing I’ve seen short of actually jumping off the cliff without a parachute at all. Can’t believe how close that guy seems to get to the side of the cliff.

    8. Lexington Green Says:

      If I did not have kids who would starve if I went SPLAT I would do this.