2 thoughts on “DC Metro”

  1. Years ago (my standard preface) I went to school in Virginia and I loved to drive up Rt 29 on a fall Saturday and spend the time at the Smithsonian…or just wander around.

    Of course try parking when you want to go to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum on the Mall.

    Well fast forward a few decades and I found myself staying in a motel in Alexandria. I used the subway (since new) and discovered there is no place in DC you can’t go with the subway – and maybe a half block walk.

    In fact if you are a tourist there you can even get a map of all the things to see and how they are accessible by the Metro. US Mint? Take XXXX line and stop # XXXX.

    It’s the only way to go – as far as convenience every bit the equal to NY – and much more modern.

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