4 thoughts on “Extremely Cool”

  1. You’re right, that was interesting. The film has amazing clarity for its time, so I guess it’s been restored in some way.

  2. Thanks, I wonder who “Puss Dad” was? I’m guessing that was the daughter…interesting to see the West Indies street scenes, a bit different eighty years on.

  3. Although they appear to be pretty well off, the woman in the video looks like she has had a long, rough go of it. Maybe that is why they are vacationing in a warm climate. Thanks for sharing – very interesting.

  4. These elegant ships were originally coal-powered, and the amount of human effort required to keep them going was immense. Mauretania burned something like 1000 tons of coal per day, and a force of 300 stokers was employed to shovel it into the furnaces. She was converted to oil burning during the 1920s, before the trip on this video.

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