Another BLM Related Ambush & Mass Murder of Police in Baton Rouge, LA?

Seven Baton Rouge area law men have been shot and three are dead in an ambush near Police H.Q. in Baton Rouge.  There was as single perpetrator in a black outfit, with a hoodie or other face covering, with a long rifle. He was engaged by Police and shot in the exchange. The USA Today won’t say his race.

The best one-stop place to cover the shooting seems to be this “The Conservative Tree House Blog” thread.

Odds are 9-to-1 that this perpetrator was a single black male with some connection to the Black Lives Matter’s protest movement.

Excerpt from USA Today below —


Report: 3 police officers in Baton Rouge shot dead


Three police officers have been shot dead in Baton Rouge, La., and others may have been wounded, authorities said Sunday.


The three officers were shot near the department headquarters, Baton Route Mayor Kip Holden told MSNBC. At least four others were injured in the shooting, he said.


“They are investigating,” he said. “Right now we are trying to get our arms around everything.”


Two Baton Rouge police officers and one East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy are dead, according to WBRZ-TV’s Michael Vinsanau.


The gunman was shot, a Louisiana State Police spokesman said, but his condition was not immediately clear.



A witness told WBRZ-TV that a man was dressed in black with his face covered was shooting indiscriminately when he walked out between a convenience store and car wash across from Hammond Air Plaza. Police closed the streets between the police department’s headquarters and Interstate 12.


Vinsanau of WBRZ tweeted that more than a dozen marked and unmarked police cars have sped to the scene, and that a SWAT team is on location. State police armed with rifles are posted blocks away, Vinsanau tweeted.


Perpetrator Description —


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  1. Fox News Reports the following —

    #BatonRouge Update: 3 officers dead, 3 injured, 1 suspect dead, possibly 2 others at large

  2. There is a report of a barricaded suspect and possibly one more. MSNBC, so far has had better coverage of the incident.

    There was one eyewitness who sounds very lucky. He drove into a parking lot and saw the suspect, who then ran away.

  3. Pengun,



    The Hayride blog

    UPDATE – 12:50 p.m. – From eyewitnesses to the scene talking to the media and sources close to BRPD, there was one “front man” who presented himself at the B-Quik with a long gun as a shooter, and when the police were called to the scene two others opened up.

    And if that’s how this played out, there is no question but that this was a premeditated attack.

    UPDATE – 12:45 p.m. – A source tells us that two of the dead are BRPD officers, and the other is an East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy. At least one of the lost BRPD officers is black.

    UPDATE – 12:38 p.m. – It’s a somewhat confusing scene, but the police have cordoned off Airline Highway from Goodwood to the north to I-12 to the south.

  4. USA Today won’t say his race.

    “What can that possibly mean?”

    “It means that Comrade Stalin always thinks of the people.”

  5. “According to a witness, there were at least 25-30 gunshots heard before police arrived, WAFB reported. Police officers were probably not the initial target, another witness said.

    “This was not a come at police shooting. There were men out here shooting at each other before police ever got here,” a witness said.”

  6. Local Baton Rouge reports are the dead shooter is from Missouri, and the FBI has taken over the case.

  7. Early BR law enforcement report via Gatewaypundit —

    UPDATE at 11:20 a.m. CDT The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office told WAFB-TV that three shooters were involved with one shooter killed by police and two still at large. MSNBC reports a Louisiana state representative as saying a fourth officer is dead.

  8. Via the Hatride blog —

    UPDATE – 2:06 p.m. – Here was President Barack Obama’s quote on the shooting…

    I condemn, in the strongest sense of the word, the attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge. For the second time in two weeks, police officers who put their lives on the line for ours every day were doing their job when they were killed in a cowardly and reprehensible assault. These are attacks on public servants, on the rule of law, and on civilized society, and they have to stop.

    I’ve offered my full support, and the full support of the federal government, to Governor Edwards, Mayor Holden, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Baton Rouge Police Department. And make no mistake – justice will be done.

    We may not yet know the motives for this attack, but I want to be clear: there is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None. These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one. They right no wrongs. They advance no causes. The officers in Baton Rouge; the officers in Dallas – they were our fellow Americans, part of our community, part of our country, with people who loved and needed them, and who need us now – all of us – to be at our best.

    Today, on the Lord’s day, all of us stand united in prayer with the people of Baton Rouge, with the police officers who’ve been wounded, and with the grieving families of the fallen. May God bless them all.

  9. “the FBI has taken over the case”: well that fills me with confidence. Is that so it can decide to recommend against a prosecution?

  10. That video is reminiscent of the famous Tip’s Restaurant shooting in 1970.

    Two CHP officers pulled over a car after a report of “gun brandished on the highway.” The bad guys shot and killed the two CHP officers. A restaurant patron ran out to the car and reported “officers down !” and another two CHP officers responded and ran right into the crime scene. They were also shot and killed. It is referred to as “The Newhall Massacre.”

    The video shows two cops arriving and the shooting is after they arrive. One seems to go down early in the video but I did not hear shots. Laters there are a lot of shots that could alost be an AK 47.

    I don’t know about the NBP story.

    The Newhall Incident: America’s Worst Cop Massacre,

    It isn’t anymore.

  11. Via the Hayride blog —

    UPDATE – 3:13 p.m. – Baton Rouge police chief Carl Dabadie, obviously shaken, called the shootings “senseless” and asked for prayers for all law enforcement. Dabadie said other agencies are coming in to back up the BRPD because his office has been “depleted” over the past 12 days amid the protests in the wake of the Alton Sterling shooting.

    UPDATE – 3:10 p.m. – East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff Sid Gautreaux didn’t identify those shot, but he did say that at least of his three deputies who were victims, all were married and all had children.

    “This is not so much about gun control as it is about what is in men’s hearts,” he said, and warned that if we don’t come together and “end this madness, we will perish as a people.”

    UPDATE – 3:05 p.m. – At the press conference, state police commander Mike Edmonson just said that the police believe the dead shooter was the one who shot all the cops and that this is no longer an active shooter situation.

    Edmonson did not confirm a fourth death among the police; he said the officer in question was in critical condition and had just come out of surgery. Hopefully he’s correct and the officer will pull through; our sources, close to the officer’s family, have different information.

    Edmonson’s statement would indicate the police believe the two men arrested in West Baton Rouge Parish would be the others involved.

    UPDATE – 3:00 p.m. – We’re told that a fourth police officer has died, making the count of the fallen two Baton Rouge police officers and two East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies. The governor has a press conference called momentarily at State Police headquarters.

  12. “They have chosen war. Only the Great Blue Sky Tengri Nor knows what the outcome will be.”

    Subotai Bahadur

  13. The media is all over the place. There appear to be several Gavin Eugene Long’s. One is 19 and another is 29.

    Welcome to the “Fog of war.”

  14. CTH got so much wrong about the Philando Castile shooting that I no longer have them on my list. The got so much right about George Zimmerman that their treatment of Castile was a big let down.

    The right can’t imagine that Blacks have any difficulty with police. Police Chief Grady’s interview in the Atlantic ought to have opened some eyes. Nope.

  15. “This is not so much about gun control as it is about what is in men’s hearts,” he said, and warned that if we don’t come together and “end this madness, we will perish as a people.”

    End Prohibition you fools.

  16. Gosh darn that Republican hate killing people. Along with that gosh darn 2nd Amendment….

    This is now officially worse than 1968. Batten the hatches, folks. Remedy any small deficiencies in your material and financial situation now. We are on a week-by-week basis here.

  17. If you think this is worse than ’68, you weren’t alive then. Watts was in ’65. We had lots before ’68. And then we got Chicago. You ain’t seen nothin.

  18. So we have a pattern, an epidemic. Public officials being assassinated by hate-groups with a long history of this type of rhetoric. Marcus Garvey, The various “X’s” Farrakhan, The Israelites, Mumia, Joanne Chesimard, and the list goes on and on and on…

    Steve Loomis seems to be lead dog at this point, calling out the 44th by name, saying “you got blood on your hands”. I do hope others will join him in pointing this out.

  19. “The right can’t imagine that Blacks have any difficulty with police.”


    So shooting cops is OK ?

    If we acknowledge that some small cities rely too much on fines and charges, does that mean we have to accept the premise of “Black Lives Matter?”

    I don’t understand what you are suggesting but I don’t agree with what I think it is.

  20. MSimon,

    The first, second and third instincts of both the Obama Administration and its supporting cast of Media & Democratic Party Congressional leadership are to attack the 1st and 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens in order to protect a violent American hating groups — whether they are citizens or immigrant groups of non-citizens — from the self-defense reactions of American citizens.

    This will not end well.

    And all of the above people are certainly going down that path of self-defense suppression.

    The level of self censorship by the mainstream US media with respect to the Barton Rouge domestic terrorist attack, in pursuit of those objectives, can be seen by reading the news published by UK newspapers.

    Key points in the above article:

    The motive of Long is patently clear — he is a BLM activist that was in the Dallas protest.

    “Long’s videos grew darker after the first week of July, when police in Baton Rouge shot and killed 37-year-old Alton Sterling and police in suburban St Paul, Minnesota, shot and killed 32-year-old Philando Castile.

    After Micah Johnson – a veteran, like Long – shot and killed five police officers in Dallas on 7 July, Long posted a video claiming to be in Dallas. In the video, he criticized protesters in Baton Rouge for being too peaceful. ”

    Long’s final video — his manifesto that announced his intentions — since taken down by someone, said:

    “Long’s final word was a YouTube video, since taken down, that served as something of a suicide manifesto. He referred to himself in past tense and said: “I thought my own thoughts, I made my own decisions.””

    Despite this overwhelming evidence — evidence that makes clear that the shooting was motivated by Black Lives Matter protests — Obama and the Obama supporting American media outlets like ABC News are still saying “the motive is unknown.”


    Investigators Scour Baton Rouge Gunman’s Social Media as Motive Remains Unknown

    By BRIAN MCBRIDE Jul 18, 2016, 9:32 AM ET

    America’s Pravda media is creating an electoral backlash of truly awesome proportions with this behavior.

  21. The US prison system has been hiring radical Muslim imams as “chaplains” for the prisoners and heavy conversion to Islam has been common among black prisoners for some time.

    There is something going on under the radar and it may be a conspiracy to help these people buy weapons or it may simply be a trand among young black men that the press and politicians are determined to hide.

  22. Stuff like the above cited by Mike K, Trent and Will is a good reason for distrusting the federal government and the national news organs even more than we did before. Look, we can cope with miscalculations, and stupid decisions – but repeatedly lying about incidents and programs, and covering them with a cone of silence to keep the citizens from objecting to them … that is going to get very old, real fast. We used to be a high-trust society. Becoming a low trust society is a fast race to the bottom.

  23. “There is something going on under the radar and it may be a conspiracy to help these people buy weapons or it may simply be a trand among young black men that the press and politicians are determined to hide.”

    I’m not sure you need a conspiracy to buy weapons in America.

    There has been video after video showing black people being, essentially, murdered by police. That’s where BLM came from. That unstable people, they are legion, might take this, and decide to take matters into their own hands, is not at all surprising. That BLM has been the vehicle of protest for this issue does not mean they are the cause of this. It’s as American as apple pie, to git yer gun and defend yer people.

  24. Watch to see most shootings from here on out are done by people from outside the State the shooting happens in. That makes it an interstate crime and thus the FBI has jurisdiction.

  25. >>So we have a pattern, an epidemic.


    We have multiple incitement campaigns in progress.

    Incitement campaigns cause sociopathic personalities to act out their issues with violence…sometimes individually, more often as leaders of mobs.

    In the 1990’s we had a domestic incitement campaign on the Right between the Federal killings at Ruby Ridge/Waco and the Murrah Building bombing in OKY City by Tim McVeigh. (Note: _Killings_, not MURDER) An individual to two person action

    A Serb incitement campaign after the break up of Yugoslavia lead to mass murder at Srebrenica in Bosnia.

    A Hutu incitement campaign lead to the 1994 Genocide of the Tutsi minority in Rwanda.

    The Left’s current incitement campaign is activating sociopathic personalities in the African American community to attack police and Americans.

    And the Left is also doing its best to both cover up the level of foreign oil state incitement of Muslims to go Jihadi and prosecute of informers on Muslim terrorist preparations as part of an effort to attack American self-defense.

    The question now is how much of the Federal Government, as opposed to George Soros NGOs, are involved.

  26. “The question now is how much of the Federal Government, as opposed to George Soros NGOs, are involved.”

    Has anyone else noticed that the “anti-Trump” demonstrations in Cleveland are being organized by young people, obviously paid organizers, in yellow vests ? I wonder who pays them ?

    The rest of the small crowd is about half news media and TV camera crews.


  27. There are internet rumors today over at the Free Republic web site that Noor Zahi Salman Mateen — Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s wife — is currently resident in Jordon.

    If true, this could not have happened without Dept. of Justice approval.

    Which would make the DoJ one of the prime suspects for the “…how much of the Federal Government are involved?” question above.

  28. Here’s a helpful summary of where BLM came from for those who may not know:

    A modern version of the BP/SLA, with many of the old players still behind the scenes, if not actually on the ground. Joanne Chesimard resides in sunny Cuba, so she won’t have to reside in the New Jersey prison system, for, drumroll please,…killing a cop, in 1973!

    And she’s just one of many, many who are still revered as heroes in the mainstream “community”. That, is where BLM came from.

  29. I so hope that they will … wealthy Communards, encouraging the murder of working-class men of various colors? Ohhh, yes – hope that comes back to bite. In large, bloody chunks.

  30. Mike K Says:
    July 17th, 2016 at 10:27 pm,

    Well Jefferson seemed to think so.

    The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. — Thomas Jefferson

    “What country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” — Thomas Jefferson

    The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society. — Thomas Jefferson


    But I suppose Jefferson is only for white people’s grievances.

    You want an armed society? It is wise to listen to people’s grievances respectfully. It is possible that they might start shooting otherwise.

    The government makes bad laws and the cops (only following orders) enforce them. Which is the way it ought to be. Until the shooting starts.

  31. I have a better explanation of where BLM came from.

    I started to ask Ehrlichman a series of earnest, wonky questions that he impatiently waved away. “You want to know what this was really all about?” he asked with the bluntness of a man who, after public disgrace and a stretch in federal prison, had little left to protect. “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.” – Dan Baum

    Enjoy the war. Looks to be a good one.

  32. MSimon – When you’re the majority in a jurisdiction and can make or break the government you complain about, peaceful solutions are always an option. You have an absolute obligation in the US system to prefer peaceful means of addressing your grievances. Ferguson is majority black. They chose violence in response when they had peaceful options from replacing the politicians to outright disbanding the municipality which would have eliminated the entire police force.

  33. >Modern Prohibition/War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional and immoral policy since slavery & Jim Crow – Retired Police Detective Howard Wooldridge<

    good allan you are tiresome one trick demonrat/libertarianrat

  34. yea recreate ’68 effin’ loser

    Gary Johnson “tells Sanders supporters to take an ideological quiz at the Web site”
    “‘You get paired up with a Presidential candidate most in line with your views,’ he said. ‘I side with myself the most, and then, amazingly, I side with Bernie next closest.'<

    Yo msimon pa just raised the per pack cigarette tax by $1.00 where's your feeble "outrage"?

  35. Big L Libertarians are odd and not very law abiding.

    I guess they might see common cause with “Black Lives Matter” but only through stupidity.

  36. TMLutas Says:
    July 18th, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    Well nice thought. But the BLM folks have been asking for redress for about two years to much derision.

    I’m with Jefferson. “Let them take arms.”

    You don’t like it? Good. Maybe you could start to think of ways for redress. And to get the government to stop lying. “Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

    Lies have consequences. Prohibition has consequences. If you are fine with the consequences – well what is all the bitchin’ about around here? If you don’t like the consequences of, “We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities.” You might want to see about fixing it.

    Or we could continue the policy of disrupting those communities.

    What I get from “Republicans” is that they love their policies and hate the consequences. No different from Democrats in that respect. Too funny. There is a solution. Repeal the law of Cause and Effect. And while you are at it make pi = 3. Because you know that 3.14159… is just a silly convention.

    Well. I’m never going to make friends around here. Except for people who would heed Milton Friedman’s advice on the subject. Say. Wasn’t he on the masthead at one time? Well the memory hole is quite convenient for those kinds of problems.

    And “Don’t trad on me?” You can’t be serious. Not one of you believes that.

    “Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Sam Adams

  37. Looks like the dhimmicrap trolls are out in force. Shrilliary’s campaign has unleashed their 50 cent army……….

  38. MSimon has been a troll who periodically appears for years. Sometimes he goes away for a while. Do Not Feed The Energy Creature.

  39. Except for people who would heed Milton Friedman’s advice on the subject. Say. Wasn’t he on the masthead at one time? Well the memory hole is quite convenient for those kinds of problems.

    Some of us agree with Friedman. I removed the masthead photos when I realized most of them were subject to copyright protection. Maybe one day I’ll update the blog’s design and redo the masthead.

    Black people do have a problem with police. However, most of this problem is a consequence of the fact that young black men commit violent crimes at a much higher rate than do members of many other groups. This fact leads to unavoidable difficulty for the law-abiding black majority, as Sen. Scott et al have poignantly discussed. Much of the blame for the high rate of criminality of young black men has to fall on terrible govt-run schools and on welfare-state programs that have destroyed black families. Yet many on the Left still favor a big, intrusive welfare state and favor teacher unions over students, and blame black crime on white racism. BLM, Obama and other left wing pols use accusations of white racism to gin up political support among dumb white liberals and black voters who should know better, and to manipulate the well meaning white majority. (How well do BLM and racism accusations play with real racists? How far would BLM get in, say, Russia?) After a while the well meaning white majority gets weary of being blamed for everything while left-wingers and black racist provocateurs get a pass. Trump is in part a consequence.

    TMLutas makes a good point. Obama and the CBC aren’t likely to do much good for black communities, but some of those communities are well placed to help themselves by enacting reasonable local reforms. Why don’t they?

    Beyond reforms of the police and courts of the types that libertarians have been discussing for years, it might be a good idea to reduce the scope of what the police are supposed to do. Ending or at least scaling back drug prohibition, reducing the use of fines for driving and regulatory infractions for revenue collection, ending civil asset forfeiture, and other measures might help. Most of these issues can probably be addressed most effectively at the state and local level if our national political parasites will allow it.

  40. Jonathan Says:
    July 19th, 2016 at 10:23 am

    We repealed Alcohol Prohibition and it had a tremendous effect on the violence in the Italian Community.

    Why not repeal Federal Drug Prohibition (where is the Drug Prohibition Amendment anyway?) and see if it has a similar effect?


    I love the definition of troll in use these days. “Anyone who disagrees.”

    Am I obsessed about the subject? Maybe. But don’t you think it unjust for our various governments to declare war on 10% of the population?

    So far 58% of the US voters have decided that the cannabis section of that war is undesirable. What ever happened to “consent of the governed” ? The main reservoir of support for continued Prohibition is over 65 Republicans. A population with very few growth prospects.

    I agree in general that the police are not your enemy. They are tools of your enemy. They are not called ENFORCERS for nothing.

  41. Here is an explanation of how pogroms and genocides get going. The central idea is – you have to discount another’s humanity in order to kill them (generally – psychopaths don’t have to exert near as much effort). But first you have to get used to persecuting them. And that starts with demonization.

    Check your attitudes ladies and gentleman. Well here it is:

    How To Put an End to Drug Users

  42. Black people do have a problem with police. However, most of this problem is a consequence of the fact that young black men commit violent crimes at a much higher rate than do members of many other groups.

    I am old enough to remember real discrimination against Jews in Chicago. Nobody remembers (but me, I guess) the movie, “Gentlemen’s Agreement” with Gregory Peck who played a Gentile playing a Jewish man trying to get hotel reservations and other public services I have forgotten.

    Before my time was real discrimination against Irish and Italians.

    How did those groups get past discrimination and enter mainstream middle class society ?

    One way was to obey the law and maintain good reputations in a Bourgeois culture. During my childhood, my mother referred to “Lace Curtain Irish” and “Shanty Irish” and it was not part of a joke.

    Blacks should be adopting a similar strategy. Last night the TV channel I call the “Murder Channel” had a two hour special on a young woman who was part of a horrific murder in Santa Ana, the location of a Hispanic community in Orange County CA. I don’t remember the case but the story was about how she was involved with some violent young men as a young woman but went on in school and to a life as a professor and “Social Activist” in Europe until her past caught up with her. She had been an accessory to a murder 20 years before. She was offered a plea deal with a three year prison term, probably with a chance for early release. She chose, instead, to go to the press and argue she was being discriminated against and that she was a rape victim. She managed to stir up quite a bit of controversy but the prosecutors found some additional evidence and another participant took a plea deal and agreed to testify against her. Finally, she took a plea that involved six years in prison. Her ploy did not work out well.

    There is a lesson in there for minority communities, as they are termed these days. Follow the rules and less pain results.

  43. Change your culture, change your circumstances.

    Thirty years of hip-hop culture, the Black Panthers, NOI, and now the BLM franchise are responsible for the misery. Turds like Father Pfleger, and a long list of Democrat politicians also have their hands permanently blood-stained.

    If you want to see crazy police brutality and violence, look no further than the Caribbean:

    What the article doesn’t mention about the 76 dead, is that those were at the hands of the local constables. I saw an incident in Port au Prince many years ago that remains etched in memory. A local warned us, terrified: “do not let them see you watching”

    And if that don’t do it for ya, head east, to the big continent on the other side of the Atlantic. I know people who have spent time in a half-dozen countries, their tales positively hair-raising. I’ve heard it numerous times from expats from both areas. “American people (by which they mean African Americans) have nothing to complain about”

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