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  • Who’s Your Baghdaddy?

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on October 30th, 2019 (All posts by )

    It is deeply, solidly ironic that at almost the very hour that US forces were bagging Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, fearless leader of the ISIL/ISIS-established caliphate in the Middle East, that the catastrophically-unfunny cast of Saturday Night Live had just finished ragging on President Trump for supposedly coddling ISIS by pulling out of Syria. There hasn’t been a case of timing this bad since 70ies Weatherman terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayres launched his memoir of bomb-building and social mayhem the very week that Osama Bin Laden’s merry crew of jihadis murdered nearly 3,000 Americans and others in a single day, on September 11th, 2001.

    Well, who would have thought that our intelligence services were actually performing the hard graft of tracking down dangerous international enemies, instead of attempting to reverse the results of an election, and harass domestic political opponents? Seeing that our military leadership was dead-as-a-doornail serious about taking care of business, in facilitating Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi date with his seventy-two cranky virgins or white grapes, or whatever – was grimly satisfactory. This is the jolly lad whose ISIS/ISIL hardliners set a standard for psychopathic cruelty to captives which might have 19th century Comanche and Apache warriors saying, “Oh, hey, guys – don’t you think that’s going a little too far?” (Or maybe not – those fellows had some stomach-churningly inventive notions about killing slowly.)

    It is additionally rather delicious that al-Baghdadi was chased by a military working dog into his last hide-out, and that it was a female working dog at that. And there, the wretched man chose to blow himself up, with three of his kids, although Jamie Lee Curtis expressed some indignation and sorrow on his behalf. Did she or anyone else among the Hollywood Trump-haters express any such tender feelings about those captives of al-Baghdadi who were burned alive, drowned in metal cages, executed with det-cord around their necks, and beheaded in job-lots? Anything about the Yazidi women and girls sold into sex-slavery? So help me, I can’t recall, but then we have come to expect this kind of one-sided concern from the denizens of the celebrity world.

    Finally – that the whole operation was kept from the Dem leadership on grounds of operational security? Ah yes; I won’t go as far as to say that Nancy Pelosi would have picked up the phone and called a contact at the Washington Post, saying, “You’ll never guess what is going down – the Special Forces are going after al Baghdadi – but don’t tell anyone, it’s Top Secret!” but at the rate that stuff keeps getting leaked from Dem offices into the media … good call. Yes, someone on a senior Dem leadership staff would have spilled to a media contact, likely out of sheer ignorance and malice toward Trump. The kind of mindset what sees the lower serving military ranks as disposable pawns, only useful for holding umbrellas, or as background for a nice photo op … or if their deaths can be used for a purpose. Yes, I’m that cynical. Discuss as you wish.


    40 Responses to “Who’s Your Baghdaddy?”

    1. OBloodyHell Says:

      Yeah, I’m debating one of the useful idiots trying to believe the dems would do nothing of the sort…

      I don’t expect to get through, but… Lurkers. They might think better after seeing the debate.

    2. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Good for you, OBH – fight the good fight.

      I’ve lived long enough to see how many bodies of enlisteds and lower-ranks officers stack up, when the progs have their minds set on a particular project. They give a s**t not … unless they can do a nice photo op, giving a medal to a fortunate survivor or making a show of sympathy over the coffins of the unfortunate.

      It’s the gesture that matters. Not the actual lives of the pawns.

    3. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

      It should be repeated endlessly for the next few months. But it won’t be. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    4. Jay Guevara Says:

      Finally – that the whole operation was kept from the Dem leadership on grounds of operational security?

      Hell yes. First of all, there is the need to know criterion, and they most definitely did not need to know.

      Second, they are objectively treasonous – all of them, to varying extents – and the temptation to leak and drop Trump in the soup would have been irresistible to at least one of them, and probably all of them. Nothing would thrill them more than to involve Trump in a Carteresque fiasco, and they would not disdain engineering one if necessary. Putting American servicemen’s lives at risk would not trouble them for a femtosecond.

      So if you’re that cynical, Sgt. Mom, I’m right there with you.

    5. Gringo Says:

      When the WaPo headlines his death as “austere religious scholar..dies at 48” it gives us just one more example that the media has sworn itself to unmitigated hostility to Donald Trump- and his deplorable supporters. Bin Laden’s death didn’t get a headline like that.

      Also note that Trump got it coming and going. SNL informed us that Trump was a wuss who wasn’t standing up to ISIS. Then WaPo implies by its headline that Trump is a demon who orders the killing of an “austere religious scholar.” As if Trump ordered the killing of an “austere religious scholar” like Reinhold Niebuhr. Can’t win for losing.

      Given what the Democrat leadership has done in the last 3 years- a fake Russian collusion charge coupled with a fake impeachment process,I wouldn’t tell them a thing let alone give them the time of day.

      The more I think about this, the more I am reminded of Subotai Bahadur’s TWANLOC.

    6. bops Says:

      Kept from the Dem leadership? Since when are military operations open to discussion? I remember “loose lips sink ships.” Oh, I forgot, our Commander in Chief is really not our Commander in Chief and everything is political these days.

    7. Brian Says:

      If Nancy wants to know about military strikes in advance, she needs to run for president.

      I don’t think she or any other Dem would intentionally blow an op like this, but yes, she would call up every NYT writer and it’s quite likely someone would tweet about it. That being said, the leaking culture in DC is completely bipartisan, and a good reason why a lot of those of us who have had security clearances say the whole system can burn.

      I suspect some GOP president in the near future will decide not to even move to DC. I think saying you would refuse to do so would be a pretty big vote getter. I believe Hawley from MO has potential, and it’s a natural extension of his bill to move federal jobs away from the DC area.

    8. Mike K Says:

      Slightly OT but I have spent 5 hours on the 405 today listening to Lee Smith’s book, “The Plot Against the President”

      Long and very detailed. Recommended.

    9. Anonymous Says:

      Sgt. Mum
      those captives of al-Baghdadi who were burned alive, drowned in metal cages, executed with det-cord around their necks, and beheaded in job-lots? Anything about the Yazidi women and girls sold into sex-slavery? So help me, I can’t recall,

      Ok, did you recall Abu-Graib or or those your heros running whiled showing homes streets of Iraq killing 100 k people?

      Wonder if Sgt. Mum justified those acts now she crying with crocodile tears for Al Baghdadi victims which he was in US prison in iraq more over running wiled for two years in iraq he ride armored vehicles some itaqi in westren iraq reported ealy days the saw US choppers throws weapon other stuff in westren fesert of iraq all reported to news agency and and on media but Sgt. Mum was asllep.

    10. Anonymous Says:

    11. Bill Brandt Says:

      After what he and his group did to Kayla a zip-lock bag was too nice to him. Indentify his DNA, then feed the scraps to the dogs.

    12. Grurray Says:

      Thank God we finally got the bastard.

      It looks like either Trump made a deal with Turkey exchanging some useless northern Syrian real estate for terrorist enemy number 1, or he subtly gave Turkey a message that the party is over, while still getting the terrorist. Whichever the case, we win they lose, and the Leftist critics are wrong once again.

    13. Roader Says:

      Folks much more knowledgeable about military strategy than I: would you mind critiquing this?

      Trump Outsmarts Putin With Syria Retreat
      Russia will soon find itself caught between Turkey and Syria.
      Zev Chafets | Bloomberg | October 25, 2019

    14. Dan from Madison Says:

      Anon – perhaps less sleeping medication before you start typing. Thanks for the laugh this morning though, that is how I like to start my day.

    15. Grurray Says:

      running wiled for two years in iraq he ride armored vehicles some itaqi in westren iraq reported ealy days the saw US choppers throws weapon other stuff in westren fesert of iraq all reported to news agency and and on media but Sgt. Mum was asllep.

      I’m not completely sure but he appears to be implying that the US created ISIS, or armed it, or both.

      It’s certainly not out of the question that the arms Obama sent to Syrian rebels ended up in the hands of the bad guys. In my opinion, they were all bad. However, it is a fact that some Syrian rebels openly clashed with ISIS, and we all know the Kurds, supported by us, fought ISIS.

      If it did happen it just shows the stupidity (or worse) of the Obama Administration that at the same time the CIA was indirectly helping Jihadi lunatics, the Pentagon was backing other groups to fight them. Just remember that this wasn’t the Western Front in 1917 where each side was sitting in their delineated trenches squaring off against the clearly defined enemy. Syria ceased to be real country by 2013 and fractured into four or five different parts.

      I may have shared this before, but this was an excellent report from Small Wars Journal a couple years ago explaining that the fighters in the Syrian civil war switched sides depending on who was paying them, betraying them, surrounding them, or torturing them. I’m sure they took their weapons with them.

      Purported links between ISIS and the Syrian government are often traced to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, when Syrian security and intelligence agencies sought to bolster the Iraqi insurgency in order to keep U.S. troops and jihadists too preoccupied with one another to focus on Syria.[26] The Syrian revolt of 2011 partially severed whatever links may have remained between the government and jihadists, and one of Mohsen Hussein’s missions in the Badia Branch likely involved reestablishing and strengthening informant networks in light of changing political conditions. By 2015 the Badia Branch claimed to have infiltrated ISIS to the extent of being able to direct the organization’s operations, according to testimony from the government’s attorney general in Palmyra following his defection.[27] Residents of jihadist-controlled territory were regularly detained and forcibly recruited as informants, and the government retained some leverage by continuing to pay the wages of state employees in the Euphrates Valley and other jihadist-controlled locales.

    16. Mike K Says:

      I see PenGun is posting anonymously. The Lancet, a long respected medical journal disgraced itself with the fake Iraq casualties survey. They surveyed Sunni families and asked about casualties. Of course they got inflated opinions. There was nothing scientific about using a survey of Baathists, not ER reports. Lancet later published the Autism-vaccine “study” that was funded by trial lawyers and included a total of 6 cases.

      Lancet was once a serious medical journal and reported on Lister’s discovery of antisepsis. That was 1867.

      Abu Graib was a fake scandal in which no prisoners were harmed but the NY Times ran it as front page news for 100 days.

    17. Mike K Says:

      Also PenGun forgot to note the Toyota pickup from Texas that had been sold as a used truck and showed up with the guy’s logo on its door. There was a funding source, probably Iran and Hamas related, buying used trucks and shipping them to Iraq.

    18. Kirk Says:

      Well, Anonymous does get one thing right… ISIS and al-Baghdadi were products of American policy, but the mistake he makes is just how and who was responsible.

      al-Baghdadi and the majority of the men who turned ISIS into the “caliphate” were men the US had captured and held in Camp Bucca. Who the Obama Administration basically turned over to the Iraqis with instructions that “nothing bad” had better happen to them–Absent US interference, the Iraqis would have likely killed them all. Which would have saved untold numbers of lives when ISIS tried taking over Syria and Northern Iraq.

      That whole thing came about because of Obama policies and interference. Feckless idiocy, start to finish.

    19. Anonymous Says:

      Mike K Says
      Abu Graib was a fake scandal in which no prisoners were harmed but the NY Times ran it as front page news for 100 days.

      Typical we see and hear blind and deaf guys who lives with on lies

      Go do your homework man and get life

      Iraq War Veteran Pleads Guilty in Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal

      ‘I hated myself for Abu Ghraib abuse’

    20. JaimeRoberto Says:

      Did she or anyone else among the Hollywood Trump-haters express any such tender feelings about those captives of al-Baghdadi who were burned alive, drowned in metal cages, executed with det-cord around their necks, and beheaded in job-lots?

      I’m sure someone posted a photo of themselves holding up a sign on Twitter or maybe they changed their photo on Facebook.

      I doubt Pelosi would leak about the raid, but would I risk it if it were my job on the line or the life of soldiers under my command? Hell no.

    21. Grurray Says:

      Typical we see and hear blind and deaf guys who lives with on lies

      Go do your homework man and get life

      Manadel al-Jamadi, who by the way bombed a Red Cross clinic killing dozens of innocent civilians, died in 2003. ISIS was founded in 1999, and Al Qaeda, as we all know, years before that.

      In, 2007 there was the Anbar Awakening, where western Iraq Sunni tribes, by then apparently untroubled by al-Jamadi’s death, joined the US Army to defeat the Iraq insurgency. In 2011, Obama withdrew the army from Iraq, and shortly thereafter Syria erupted in civil war. In 2013, the Anbar militias were forcibly disbanded by the Iraqi Shia-dominated government. In 2014, ISIS started seizing territory. In 2019, ISIS was destroyed in a rathole.

      Finally, the price of tea in China is $9.50/ kg as of September 2019.

    22. Mike K Says:

      I’m assuming PenGun is the anonymous commenter as the hatred for America sounds familiar.

      The “torture” in Abu Ghraib consisted of untrained reservist soldiers who were not being supervised and who did such things as expose prisoners to female soldiers.

      No one died or was seriously injured. The commanding officer, who was negligent in supervision, was another female officer promoted above competence.

    23. Sgt. Mom Says:

      No, I don’t think Anonymous is our dear Penngun – Pengunny’s English so so much more fluent. Anony is an ESL, and not a terribly bright one, at that. Kudos for trolling the comment threads, though.

    24. Anonymous Says:

      Sgt. Mom say:
      Anony is an ESL, and not a terribly bright one,


      What I Heard about Iraq

    25. Anonymous Says:

      keep your Crocadial Ters for yourself……

    26. Anonymous Says:

      Mike K Says:
      anonymous commenter as the hatred for America sounds familiar.

      I would put to you Sgt. Mom words: “not a terribly bright one”

      Is it hatred?

      So lying OK? but telling truths is hatred?

      Another a bird brian in his head thinks he is a human……

    27. Anonymous Says:

      To: Grurray

      Donald Trump tells European countries to take back IS fighters

      Which European countries have produced the most ISIS fighters?

      And Th Reward For Them……..
      Swedish city to offer returning Isis fighters

    28. Anonymous Says:

      The Iraqi-European Deal of the Century
      Researcher Bassam Shukri

      France and Iraq and how France and Europe paid the government of Baghdad a price to settle that dossier. For the sake of moral and humanitarian responsibility and for the victims of ISIS wars, here I open the legal file of the operation with the following points:

      First, according to international law and the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its annexes, war criminals in the countries where they committed their crimes must be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of those countries (this means that Iraq should condemn the death penalty for all ISIS criminals and this helps Europe to get rid of the criminals). Because the death penalty law is not in force in Europe) During the past period has not been any prosecution of ISIS in Iraq or Syria Is it reasonable that the army of fighters occupied a third of the area of ​​Iraq and a quarter of Syria for more than four years and the destruction of those areas and killing and displacement of its inhabitants One fighter trial who are they ?

      Second, according to the Geneva Conventions on war crimes, the countries to which war criminals belong must compensate the casualties and rebuild the cities that were destroyed by these criminals. This means that Europe compensates all those who lost their lives in Iraq because of the Islamic State and the reconstruction of all. Cities that have been destroyed and financial compensation paid to Iraq as a result of ISIS’s destruction of priceless archaeological sites and other civil society compensation for ISIS’s demographic changes on the ground, rape, and the spread of extremist ideas among the civilian population and sabotage their minds.

      Thirdly, a legal team from Iraq, Syria and other countries affected by the war of Daesh should be formed immediately before the case is obsolete. In particular, international committees to look into these crimes and at the same time set up committees to determine the human and material losses in Syria and Iraq so that the countries from which war criminals came to pay compensation.

      The three points have not been addressed by the Syrian and Iraqi governments because those countries are involved in ISIS operations and ISIS will not be prosecuted because ISIS fighters will recognize all those gathered and trained in their countries of origin “and of course European” and recognize those who armed them in Turkey and provided logistical support and food. Ammunition and fuel for them (super power + Qatar).

    29. Mike K Says:

      I’m assuming the anonymous commentor is PenGun but we might have a new troll.
      None are worth reading or responding.

    30. Mike K Says:

      Elliot Weinberger is a poet and translater who hates American almost as much as the troll.

    31. Anonymous Says:

      Mike K.
      Oh.. yah …. looks I push your nerve, so who is a new Troll here? wounder

      Let listen……A Conversation With The US Secretary of Defence

    32. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Anonymous #1 (the ESL Anonymous) … keep it civil and avoid the personal insults, or I shall be forced to creatively edit or delete your comments. Consider this a friendly word of warning.

    33. Dan from Madison Says:

      “Crocadial Ters” – lmao!

    34. Grurray Says:

      Second, according to the Geneva Conventions on war crimes, the countries to which war criminals belong must compensate the casualties and rebuild the cities that were destroyed by these criminals.

      That is not true. United Nations international law says that a state that violates international humanitarian law must pay restitution (article 35)

      A State responsible for an internationally wrongful act is under an obligation to make restitution, that is, to re-establish the situation which existed before the wrongful act was committed, provided and to the extent that restitution:

      However, refer to article 9 to see that European nations do not bear responsibility for their citizens acting on their own accord and not under direction of official European government authorities-

      The conduct of a person or group of persons shall be considered an act of a State under international law if the person or group of persons is in fact exercising elements of the governmental authority in the absence or default of the official authorities and in circumstances such as to call for the exercise of those elements of authority.

      And article 10 very specifically declares that the sovereign responsibility for the actions of combatants fighting for the Islamic State ultimately belongs to the Islamic State and its leading officials-

      1. The conduct of an insurrectional movement which becomes the new Government of a State shall be considered an act of that State under international law.

      2. The conduct of a movement, insurrectional or other, which succeeds in establishing a new State in part of the territory of a pre-existing State or in a territory under its administration shall be considered an act of the new State under international law.

      On the other hand, like Trump has said it would seem to just be common courtesy for those European countries to at least take the fighters back and try them for crimes. However, the Geneva Conventions aren’t clear enough on that point and actually imply something different-

      Each High Contracting Party shall be under the obligation to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to be committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts. It may also, if it prefers, and in accordance with the provisions of its own legislation, hand such persons over for trial to another High Contracting Party concerned, provided such High Contracting Party has made out a prima facie case.

      Under this provision, it would seem to be the responsibility of the party detaining the offenders first. In the case of ISIS, that would be us. Remember the old ‘you broke it, you bought’ rule? This is the ‘they broke it, we bought it’ rule.

      So this is just one more reason why we have to be so careful with international interventions. Those modern international laws that are so humane and sophisticated and well-intentioned can only be enforced by the United States of America, aka, the World’s Policeman.

    35. Anonymous Says:

      Gurray, Thanks, well done I learned important things from your post.


    36. Anonymous Says:

      Sgt. Mom

      Thank for your warring….
      It’s your right to do so but before that did you asked who start breaking the civil discussion here and start personal insults?

      In stead have discussed the point and agree or disagree I got labelled/ insulted by you and another communicator for no reason just because of my view different from yours.

      So please let be very careful when discussing something but we differ on something without prejudging people for sick of Civil discussion here or somewhere else.

      Thank you

    37. Grurray Says:

      Death6, you are quite welcome. I’m happy to help shed some light on the matter. It’s often been said there are not only material pressures and costs to maintaining a large military, but there are also political pressures and political costs. As with the story of Madeleine Albright arguing with Colin Powell over intervening in the Yugoslavia civil war, when she snapped at his cautious reluctance, ‘what’s the point of having this superb military you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?’.

      A lot of the hatred directed at Trump from the global international relations community stems from the fear that he’s not going to let them use it anymore. Especially with the so-called Responsibility to Protect doctrine, the system depends on the US military acting as a hegemonic gendarmerie, under the jurisdiction of the International Community and paid for by American taxpayers.

    38. Mike K Says:

      The anonymous troll is whining about personal insults.

      I assumed it was PengGun who has posted comments anonymously here before. He has also posted his hatred of America.

      I certainly did not intend to hurt the feelins of the anonymous troll.

      Typical we see and hear blind and deaf guys who lives with on lies.

      I rest my case.

    39. MCS Says:

      Any of the ISIS fighters that the Syrians get a hold of can expect a very sort and painful life. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of fellers. The same also for women and children, not quite the same thing. Any fighter that Iraq gets probably has a long drop in his future, I can’t see them providing room and board to spare the feelings of the West. I don’t see the non-combatants ever being anything but a source of trouble and suspect that at least some of the women deserve retribution as much as any of the men. The best they can hope for is a life in some sort of camp.

      The local justice system doesn’t seem capable of a fair and orderly disposal but then our own isn’t either, not on any reasonable time line.

      It goes without saying that our European allies are gutless and useless at best, most likely to obstruct any action by anyone.

    40. Mike-SMO Says:

      A side note. There is some “chatter” that the children in “the care” of Baghdadi were hostages and/or trophies. In Afghanistan, I hear, they are “Bacci Bazzxi” (dancing boys, usually dressed as girls for amusement and insult and used for the sexual pleasure of the “victors”). Apparently, the U.S. forces evacuated quite a few other children after the “visit” to Baghdadi’s pleasure palace. “His” (Baghdadi’s) own children were apparently not involved.

      You have to wonder if Baghdadis gift list over-lapped with Jeffy Epstein’s. Maybe, there were friends-in-common squirming in the background.

      Using dogs in the team was smart. The dogs are intelligent, aggressive, loyal, and they do well with children. ‘Sides, they keep the Messenger’s demons away.

      There has been little comment of the change in the Saudi flag from 2 swords (House of Saud + House of Wahab) to only one sword. Seems like a violation of international law for the Saudis to have been dumping Wahabi trash in Syria and Iraq. President Trump was sort of obligated to help clean up that mess. The re-decorated Mid-East might be functional for a while.

      Donald, Boris, and MbS. Looks to be a “fun” season ahead although probably not for the Progs/Socialists/SJWs/Labour/corruptocrats. Makes one wonder if MbS was raised on water and formula bottled in the Queens….