5 thoughts on “Signs of the Times”

  1. Yesterday, after a 4 day quest to secure toilet paper, I waited at the first Cosco for it to open. And the line – it is too bad one can’t post pictures – I’ll bet there were 2,000-3,000 people (6 foot separation) in the line.

    I did managed to get some TP, as satisfied as an 80s Muscovite.

  2. Ah .. the NY Slimes – conducting themselves in the manner which we have come to expect of them.
    We’re moderately distanced, here in Texas. The grocery stores, the hardware big-box stores are still open. I think that Tractor Supply is still open, too. Last week, Tuesday Morning was still open – well, they have an aisle of grocery items, so maybe they’re still under the grocery supply rule. Dollar store, Big Lots … they’re still open for now.

  3. I’m disappointed with AZ Governor Ducey who held out until yesterday on statewide stay home rule. The wild eyed lefties in Tucson and south were all over demanding a shutdown.

    Why not? All their voters are government employees on paid vacation.

    Tried to order delivery groceries today. Web site worked until I had to choose a time and day for delivery. No time or day. I called and was told a 2 hour wait on hold.

    I will be in line at Costco again for the Senior citizen hour tomorrow. The Tucson lefties would call the cops for walking my dog.

    All the houses on my street are on at least an acre.

  4. Get yourself a copy of Fallout 76, soon on Steam, and come help us rid Appalachia of the Scorch plague. Huge bats have taken over Appalachia after a Nuclear Holocaust, and we must defeat them for the sake of humanity. They have infected the whole place and only a few of us from the Vault are taking the fight to the enemy. Come help us. ;)

    The lockdown just has more of us playing our online game. I talked to a guy from Appalachia the other day, who lives 20 miles from his in game CAMP.

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