Top Gun!

Chicagoboyz haven’t seen the new movie, but who wouldn’t leap to see 60-years-young Tom Cruise reprise his original Tom Cruise-like performance with a supporting cast of stereotypes upgraded for current sensibilities, including the bad guys of the day? (Actually we prefer the Halston biopic on Netflix – despite the gratuitous gay sex scenes, and the decline-and-fall plotting of the final episodes that make it feel a bit like Scarface with lawyers.) In any event the first Hot Shots movie was an entertaining parody that has held up well.

2 thoughts on “Top Gun!”

  1. Go see it. I have one quibble. Maverick is a Naval Aviator. Doesn’t jibe with the vintage plane he is working on in the first scene. See if anyone knows what plane he is working on, and what he should be working on if they were true to the Navy.

  2. IMDB claims the P51Mustang in the beginning and ending scenes is Tom Cruise’s personal aircraft, so….

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