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  1. It needs to be stressed that these instruments and liquids are only intended to used sparingly to remove obtacles to the free market process and the unimpeded flow of, um, goods. Otherwise, the uninitiated might easily confuse them with the instruments of Stalinist purges.

  2. If you are supposed to get a colonoscopy every five years, and you schedule two colonoscopies for consecutive days, does that mean you are covered for the next ten years?

  3. I think the recommendation for full scale colonoscopy is once every 10.

    At any rate, the real problem is the prep, not the procedure, for which you are anesthetized.

    I have lots of helpful tips for the prep.

    If they give you the anti-freeze don’t use the “flavor packets”, just get the stuff really cold, hold your nose, and chug it as fast as you can. After you are done with the anti-freeze, you will need fluids to re-hydrate — I like sprite diluted with ice. You will not be allowed to eat anything until after the procedure.

    BTW: the worst of all possible worlds is to prep, and then have them tell you that they couldn’t see anything so you will need to come back in a couple of weeks after you prep again.

    The doctor will come and talk to you after you wake up, you will be too stoned to remember what he said. Make sure that a trustworthy adult is with you and has a pen and paper with which to take notes. And that he can drive you home. The next day he can tell you what the doctor said.

  4. Jonathan: Thank you, and good luck.

    Tatanya: There are somethings no one does for fun. But, fear not, your day will come, unless we get socialized medicine first.

  5. My remark to the gastroenterologist, just I wafted off to cloud-cuckoo land: “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

  6. Those that are concerned with what is happening in Honduras should be reading lagringasblocito on blogspot and the yahoo group honduras_living. These two resources are invaluable for maintaining a feel for events up to the minute.

  7. Robert, thanks for the tips. I may owe you a plate of barbecue for them soon, having passed a certain milestone recently.

    (Awaiting puns on “passed a certain milestone” …)

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