New Blog Crawler

Gabe Rivera has a new blog-quoting robot that looks interesting. I’m not sure whether it’s actually updating yet, but it’s a good start. Headline placement is determined by blog linkage ratings.

This kind of news aggregator can be useful if well done (I think this means: specialized, thoughtfully opinionated, and not a Google-style attempt to copy mainstream-journo “headline news” style). Gabe’s site seems to be Anglospheric in orientation. I wish him well.


For those of you who unfamiliar with the antics over at my blog (currently on hiatus), I’m Captain Mojo, the latest addition to the fine Chicago Boyz family.

I like to think that I’ll provide that air of confused unprofessionalism, juvenile commentary, and semi-coherent ranting so necessary to balance the skillful writing, astute observations, and capability for abstract reasoning that my fellow contributors demonstrate so commonly.

It’s all about balance and harmony people.

Anyways, thanks to all the other fellas for letting me play in their sandbox, and I’m looking forward to joining in on all the fun.


Brian writes that us Chicago Boyz are sort of OK for a bunch of conservatives, which sounds like praising with faint damns. We’re just happy that we didn’t end up on this list, to which he also links.