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  • Arab Youth Survey

    Posted by Michael Hiteshew on April 30th, 2016 (All posts by )

    Inside the Hearts and Minds of Arab Youth

    What I found interesting:


    Daesh/ISIS does not resonate with many young Arabs except in the wealthy GCC countries. It has the weakest support in the areas where it is most active. Reason: In the Levant and Yemen, they have to live with it. In the GCC it is merely an ideological position, a virtue signal.


    This is the most disturbing finding to me. It reveals an inability to face the calls for violence inherent in islam itself. This is reality denial as learned from Western Leftists. For them, everything is explainable through Marxist theory. There is lots of unemployment in Romania, in Michigan, in Mexico. We see nothing like Daesh/ISIS. It is cultural, a product of islam, and until that is faced and dealt with the violence will continue.


    This result was the most surprising to me. Which is why it’s useful to read things like this. I would’ve expected more resentment towards the KSA since that is what I’ve read in the media. And I’m surprised that the USA is seen as an ally by so many Arabs. What happened that raised the position of the USA post 2014, the withdrawal from Iraq? Because that hasn’t worked out too well in Iraq itself…


    Iraq will now continue to be a long term problem for the USA. After Bush and Petraeus and lots of American blood and treasure finally had Iraq relatively stable, Obama threw it all away.


    9 Responses to “Arab Youth Survey”

    1. Grurray Says:

      What is wrong with you, Abu Hajaar?

      No wonder they can’t find jobs. If the three stooges in this attack are any indication, I doubt they have many career prospects outside of cannon fodder or improvised human explosive device.

    2. Mrs. Davis Says:

      No question 0bama threw it all away, but that doesn’t mean I buy this survey. This survey was done in face to face interviews in 45 cities in 16 countries in arabic and English. I would call it a random sample of the more educated, urbanized, unemployed population. 15% thinking Daesh will establish an Islamic state in the arab world is actually pretty high under the circumstances. Plenty of cannon fodder in those numbers. I suspect a confidential sampling of a broader population would show even higher levels of support.

    3. Aric Says:

      15% say that, “Daesh will ultimately establish an Islamic state in the Arabic World”.

      I’d say yes to that one. Haven’t they pretty much already done that?

      Maybe it’s a mistranslation of the actual Arabic question that was asked.

    4. Mike K Says:

      “I suspect a confidential sampling of a broader population would show even higher levels of support.”

      My concern is the “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” that seems to appear in people with no history of activism.

      A depressed Christian might consider suicide but the Muslim thinks of killing others.

    5. Talnik Says:

      I’m not sure the results of the poll are interpreted correctly. None of the polls ask how much support Daesh would get if they used more violence. Also, a similar poll in the West might indicate 99% of the respondents don’t think Rocket J Squirrel will be elected President, but the poll would not show 98% of the respondents would actually vote for Rocket J Squirrel to be President.

    6. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      I’d say yes to that one. Haven’t they pretty much already done that?

      Holding a piece of real estate for short time and declaring it a state does not make it a state.

    7. Will Says:

      The virtuoso of virtue signaling rolls hard! Polls?, we don’t need no stinking polls!

    8. grey eagle Says:

      There are a great many unanswered questioms

      – how was the data collected
      by cell phone?
      by internet using facebook?
      in person by one on one interview?

      – how big was the sample?
      – were some of the interviewers Daesch? CIA? US Special Forces? little old american women wearing tennis shoes?

      This looks like CIA, NSA or Turkish propaganda.

    9. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      There are a great many unanswered questioms

      Reading is hard.