Happy VJ-Day, Plus 75 Years.

Happy VJ-day!

Seventy five years ago today the Imperial Japanese Government broadcast their unconditional acceptance of the terms Potsdam Proclamation.  It would take several weeks to arrange the surrender in Tokyo bay and more time to land an occupation force to begin disarmament.  Yet it is this day that is remembered.

Color Photo of the Sept 2, 1945 Imperial Japanese Surrender ceremony marking the conclusion of WW2 on the Battleship USS Missouri.
Color Photo of the Sept 2, 1945 surrender ceremony marking the conclusion of WW2 on the Battleship USS Missouri.

Chicagoboyz has commemorated this day — more or less — since 2010.

Below is a link list with thumb nail descriptions of the columns.

2020 – Hiroshima and the Atomic Bomb…Plus 75 Years.

This column speaks to how the US military use it’s secret SIGSALY digital radio-telephone system to communicate about the Atomic Bomb.

2019 — The Collapse of Atomic Diplomacy…Again?

This months delayed column was on a 2011 NHK documentary titled as follows:

“Atomic bombing – top secret information that was never utilized

原爆投下 活(い)かされなかった極秘情報”

The NHK documentary answers questions that “Atomic Diplomacy” has never bothered to ask. Specifically “What did the Imperial Japanese Military & Government know about the American nuclear weapon program, when did it know it, and what did it do about it.”

2018 — Happy VJ-Day, Plus 73 Years 

This column goes into the IJA Ni-Go & IJN F-Go Genzai Bakuden (atomic bomb) programs and how physicists on those programs enabled the Japanese military surrender via recognizing plutonium at Nagasaki. The column also points out the following:

“Between Ultra code breaking and radio direction finding the American military had pinpointed all the major Area Army (AKA Army Group), Army (AKA Corps) and Divisional HQ on Kyushu. With that and and SHORAN guided photo reconnaissance MacArthur and 20th Air Force were in a position to use nukes to decapitate all Japanese high command on Kyushu near-simultaneous with the invasion landings to keep the Japanese reinforcements against the landings disorganized for the 3-to-5 days they needed to get established.”

2017 — Happy VJ-Day, Plus 72 Years

This column traces the rise of “Atomic Diplomacy” from Paul Henry Nitze USSBS, through P.M.S. Blackett with his 1948 book “Fear, War and the Bomb: Military and Political Consequences of Atomic Energy” to it’s it’s post 1994-95 ENOLA GAY Smithsonian Exhibit Controversy take down by the likes of books like 1995’s “Truman and the Hiroshima Cult” by Robert P. Newman, 1999’s “Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire “by Richard Frank, and Robert P. Newman’s 2004 book, “Enola Gay and the Court of History.” Particularly damning in this regard was military historian Robert P. Newman found, and publicized in his books, that Paul Nitze lied in the USSBS report about the state of Japanese resistance in August 1945.

2016 — Happy V-J Day, Plus 71 Years and a Few Days

This is one of the largest Chicagoboyz VJ-Day columns and it focused on the use of SHORAN radio-navigation in the planned invasion of Japan. SHORAN was key to three USAAF bombing plans:

1. The Small City Target Plan — Bombing out the smaller, 100,000 person or less, Japanese cities within range of Saipan to ‘induce’ a surrender;

2. The Transportation Plan — A massive two month (1 Oct – 30 Nov 1945) long campaign intended to destroy Japan’s rail system; and

3. Beach Preparations on Kyushu — The proposed B-29 carpet bombing of Kyushu beaches on 29, 30 and 31 October with 100 B–29 w-10 ton loads per plane.

2015 — Happy V-J Day, at 70 Years Plus a Day 

This post includes video links to presentations by the leading historians of the period including Craig Symonds, Richard Frank, D.M. Giangreco, and John Kuehn

2015 — Hiroshima, Nagasaki & The Invasion That Never Was (+70)

This column is on Operation Downfall — the cancelled invasion of Japan — and includes a video link and reviews of four counter-factual Invasion history story from 1971 – 2015.

2014 — History Friday — The WMD Back-Up Plans for the Atomic Bomb

This column looks at three different US Military chemical warfare back up plans for the invasion of Japan including the use of German nerve gas, Recoilless rifle shells with CK gas and MacArthur’s plan involving an Australian heavy cruiser. For a background to General MacArthur;s CW options.  See:  Geoff Plunkett, Chemical Weapon Stocks 1943-1945 mustardgas.org/inventory.htm

2013 — History Friday: US Military Preparations The Day Nagasaki Was Nuked

This column focuses on U.S. Military preparations on 9 Aug 45 via A-bomb pit plans, VB-6 Felix heat seeking bomb deployment and Flame tank production.

2012 – Nagasaki Plus 67 Years

This column focuses on Henry I. Miller Forbes piece “ The Nuking Of Japan Was A Tactical And Moral Imperative!“ and the Shockley’s analysis of large-scale participation by Japanese civilians in repelling a U.S. invasion.  Physicist William Shockley was on the staff of Secretary of War Henry Stimson & estimated that the invasion of Japan would cost 1.7-4 million American casualties, including 400,000-800,000 fatalities, and five to ten million Japanese deaths.

See: https://www.deviantart.com/historynerds/journal/Nuking-Japan-Was-A-Tactical-And-Moral-Imperative-473565286

2011 – Happy V-J Day!

This short column discusses Operation downfall with a map from the 6th Army Operation Olympic Assault Plan.

2010 – Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Saving Hirohito’s Phony Baloney Job

This column is why it took both atomic bombs and the Soviet invasion of Manchuria to get the Japanese military to surrender  and

2010 – Hiroshima — The A-bomb plus 65 years

This is focused on Richard B. Frank’s column “Why Truman Dropped the Bomb” Sixty years after Hiroshima, we now have the secret intercepts that influenced his decision.


The bottom line of all these columns was, is and remained this year “Thank God for the Atomic bomb.”

5 thoughts on “Happy VJ-Day, Plus 75 Years.”

  1. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a Marine or Army private back in June of 1945. You just heard about Okinawa. Certainly you heard stories about Iwo Jima.

    Your commanding officer was talking about how to prepare for a a mainland invasion. You know full well that if you are going into battle there, it will probably be worse than Omaha Beach which you also heard about.

    Or, put yourself in the shoes of a POW from an Allied country that was in a camp inside Japan. You have been treated cruelly and been abused, tortured. Made to do manual labor. Starved. You may have been there for as long as four years.

    Both people might have been losing hope for different reasons.

    Then, think about the parents. Maybe they lost other sons in the war. Maybe other sons were wounded.

    Think about the men aged 30-40 that were required to take a physical in preparation for an extended battle. They had families. They had jobs, careers and lives. For four years they had been fighting the war effort at home and now they were going to be asked to go into battle.

    Then, they drop the bombs. Imagine the level of your relief.

  2. I’d just like make a brief comment thanking Trent Telenko for making these WWII posts over the years.

    They’re awesome.

  3. Perhaps all are familiar with it, but I recommend reading Thank God For the Atom Bomb by Paul Fussell.

    And thanks, Trent, for this and other on-topic posts.

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