Pearl Harbor: 70

7 December 1941.

Another year passes. One feels the cultural memory slipping away.

Again Google ignores it and makes a point of showing a USS Arizona Memorial wallpaper pic. Perhaps Bing only does this as a counterpoint to Google. Whatever the reason, it’s good that someone notes the date.

Perhaps some of us here will post more on this anniversary. In the meantime, here’s a link to previous Chicagoboyz Pearl Harbor posts.


9 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor: 70”

  1. We don’t get the Arizona picture in the UK, but one of the links across the bottom is:

    Commemorating its 70th anniversary today…
    Which event led to the US joining the Allies in WWII?

  2. I remember the day FDR made his historic announcement…I always remember 7 Dec.
    He who does not recall the past has forgotten it.

  3. It is amazing, this being the 70th anniversary, that hardly a mention is made of it outside of the blogs.

    And it was an event that changed America….

  4. I’ve switched my browser search engine to Bing.

    Frankly, it’s a sad commentary on how bad Google has become when Microsoft has become preferable.

  5. @Knirirr

    Pearl Harbor was for us, a galvanizing event. Up until Pearl Harbor America was divided – 50-50 – over entering “Europe’s War”.

    Of course Britain had been fighting for 2 years before Pearl Harbor – and after – while America’s ire was directed at the Japanese Hitler obliged everyone by then declaring war on us.

    If you find yourself in Hawaii you must see the Arizona Memorial – over 1600 sailors were trapped in the hull when her magazines blew up.

    You can still see oil bubbling up – drop by drop – even 70 years after the fact.

  6. @Knirirr

    That was an interesting movie. I always seem to remember the scene of the Senator and his “Secretary” in the old boat out in the Pacific.

    I think – by the time of Pearl Harbor, Britain was exhausted, having just fought the Nazis to a standstill in the air war over their island.

    I remember seeing an excellent BBC production – you really saw
    what life was like in these squadrons – and the terrible attrition.

    But to the point – we are all “ethnocentric” – expecting the rest of the world as seeing things the way we do – and in the rest of the world Pearl Harbor wasn’t the center that it is here ;-)

  7. This is no accident on the part of Google; they ignored Veterans Day, also, but every harebrained minor OTHER holiday gets a picture or drawing on the Google home page.

    I love Bing’s home page. Last year, I believe, they had a panoramic view of Pearl taken from a totally different perspective than I had ever seen, and I thought it showed how Pearl was laid out better than any other picture.

    I don’t care why Bing does it, but it does; Google disgusts me.

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