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Once in awhile, you see a gem of an internet comment that justifies taking the time to dive in. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the hope and prayer of us all. Buddygonzo wishes that going forward we will all have “common sense email control”.

Buddygonzo just won the Internet for today

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  1. The next question is, given that the Russians had the DNC emails and let them out just before the convention, what are the chances that they have Hillary’s deleted emails and will let them out before the election ?

  2. I was thinking the same thing Mike. But what bugs me is why they release this to harm Hillary? Do they think Trump will be better to deal with? It seems with all the email and Hillary they have all this leverage against her This action seems counter to their interests.

  3. @Bill: maybe they’ve already tried to negotiate with her over the server emails and she gave them the brush off. So maybe it’s their way of saying “we really do have the goods on you, and don’t you forget it”.

    It’s not impossible that they have “goods” on Trump too, though since he’s new to politics he’s presumably less at risk.

    I’ve always said that the real question about the mysteries concerning O’s life is “who knows what actually happened and what are they doing with that knowledge?”

    Meanwhile, on the wonders of the internet:


  4. I’m sure that the Soviets and later the Russians know a ton of stuff going back at least to JFK about Western politicians. I can only wonder to what extent they have been able to use this info for political blackmail.

  5. I could simply give my standard rejoinder: Secure your network. But no one seems to know how anymore.

    I suspect the plethora of ‘programs’ that handle your network are to blame. Very few of us can bring up a network from scratch anymore. It used to be a required skill. Securing mail servers should be quite easy but it’s obviously not. Windows is to blame for a great deal of this.

  6. “Do they think Trump will be better to deal with? ”

    Maybe. The Soviets preferred Nixon because he was serious. Maybe they have all they wanted from Hillary.

    Also, as usual Richard Fernandez nails it.

    It is doubtful that Putin is worried but anyone in Washington who once knew a skeleton is now looking over his shoulder. “As journalists and political operators pored over the 20,000 emails leaked from the servers of the Democratic National Convention, one Democratic staffer frantically searched for his name. It was only when he failed to find it, that he began to fear for the worst.” The suspense was excruciating.

    “Like everyone in D.C., I immediately searched my name,” said the strategist who works with the DNC. “I wasn’t in there which I was happy about, until I realized just how sinister this leak actually was.”

    What is not being released yet ?

    On the eve of Hillary’s coronation her courtiers are suddenly waking up to the fact that she cannot protect them. The shock may be intentional. If Putin was indeed behind the hacking he is only doing what underdogs through history have done to even the odds. Unable to match the foe in weight, he went for the king, or in this case the queen. Recall how in ancient Gaugamela, the outnumbered Alexander staked everything on a thrust at Darius.

    Hillary could be the first victim elected president. Is that what we want ?

    I guess we will see.

  7. To Mike K. – If the story about that Democratic strategist is true it sounds like a lot of those people know of stuff that they don’t want revealed but are now afraid thaT the Russians know it too.

  8. I’ll bet the Russians have all sorts of information. With just a few months to go, wouldn’t it be crazy if they let some more files go?

  9. To be fair, is there any good reason to suspect that the recent stuff on Wikileaks was from the Russians?
    (Comments from the FBI do not constitute a good reason.)

  10. “To be fair, is there any good reason to suspect that the recent stuff on Wikileaks was from the Russians?”

    Considering that I personally suspect that practically anyone with the interest, skills and inclination — to include internet-savvy teenagers — could have done it, I’d say no. Probably everyone and their brilliant kids hacked that server of hers.

    I certainly do hope that we all get to read more. We might as well — everyone else already has.

  11. Remember when the New York Times reported classified leaked information about the war just before an election? Now all of the sudden the left wing press has found religion and are born again patriots alarmed that national security has been violated and elections are being manipulated.

    It’s not going to work. There’s a reason nobody flies American flags at Democrat conventions, and everybody watching understands why.

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