Worthwhile Reading & Viewing

A USAF jet fighter pilot flies a WWII P-51 Mustang.

An argument that China will never be as wealthy as America.  (‘Never’ is a long time, though)

A huge database of artworks, indexed on many dimensions.

An ethics class that has been taught for 20 years (at the University of Texas-Austin) is no longer offered.  According to the professor who taught it:

Students clam up as soon as conversation veers close to anything controversial and one side might be viewed as politically incorrect. The open exchange of ideas that used to make courses such as Contemporary Moral Problems exciting doesn’t happen. It’s not possible to teach the course the way I used to teach it.

At the GE blog:  Direct mind-to-airplane communication…and, maybe someday, direct mind-to-mind communication as well.  Although regarding the second possibility, SF writer Connie Willis raises some concerns.

Also at the GE blog:  The California Duck Must Die – a very good explanation of the load-matching problems created when ‘renewable’ sources become a major element of the electrical grid. Media discussion of all the wind and solar capacity installed has tended to gloss over these issues.

The Battle of the Bulge, December 1944 – January 1945.

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  1. Loved he description of flying the Mustang. No, I am not a pilot. Wish I was. I was once an aeronautical engineer.

  2. Bastogne was in many ways our finest hour. Everything good and just about America was on full display in that little village over Christmas 1944. The outnumbered underdog who refused to submit against impossible odds by banding together under the banner of a supreme and divine sanction until ultimately achieving messianic redemption. For better or for worse, every cause or mission from then forward must be judged according to the actions of those great men and boys who defended Bastogne.

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