The Proper Frame for the Narrative

I am watching matters develop with regards to the trucker strike, with appreciative interest, seeing that is really another variant of a grass-roots spontaneous civic spontaneity, much like the Tea Party was, some years ago. The Canadian trucker protest has that in common with the Tea Party protesters – but the difference might be that the independent trucker community is a smaller, a more cohesive and even more media-savvy and self-disciplined party. The various Tea Party protests were more general, cut across class lines (at least the urban-focused one that I was involved in was, no matter what the establishment national media might insist) and focused more upon voting in various political races then upcoming, and protesting the general monetary incompetence of the Obama Administration.

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A Pretty Decent Example of Government Public Communications

The FAA information page on the 5G vs radio altimeter issue.

Note especially the visual explanation of the answer to the question “if it’s safe in other countries, why would it be a problem here?  (linked in the text with the word ‘France’)

It strikes me that this is significantly better done than most government communications (whether federal, state, or local) regarding Covid.


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For Anyone Who Might Be Interested

We’ve discussed some of the findings and recommendations made by Ryan Petersen of Flexport with regard to the West Coast seaport snarl-ups.  I see that the company, which defines itself as a digital freight forwarder, is going to be hiring quite a few people–list of openings at their website:

The company says that many of the jobs, especially those in sales and software development, do not require specific logistics experience.