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    American Criminals in Cuba

    Posted by Jonathan on 20th May 2007 (All posts by )

    Kesher Talk links to an IHT article about American fugitives who are sheltered by the Cuban regime.

    (via Tatyana)

    (Cross posted at 26th Parallel.)

    Posted in Crime and Punishment, Cuba | 6 Comments »

    Trafficking in Stolen Goods

    Posted by Jonathan on 21st April 2007 (All posts by )

    Via Babalu.

    It would be nice if Americans who knowingly profited from the communists’ looting of Cuban households would be prosecuted.

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    Posted in Crime and Punishment, Cuba | 4 Comments »

    The Allende Myth, by Vladimir Dorta

    Posted by Jonathan on 13th December 2006 (All posts by )

    My friend Val Dorta originally published this outstanding historical essay on his blog in 2003. With the death of Augusto Pinochet, much attention is again being given to the Allende period, the military coup and the dictatorship that followed. I wanted to link again to Val’s essay but, unfortunately, his blog is no longer online. However, Val has graciously allowed me to republish his essay here, and I am honored to do so. – Jonathan

    UPDATE: Google’s cached version of Val’s original post, with comments. (Thanks to the commenter who provided this link.)

    UPDATE 2 (12/28/2014): The Google-cached version has disappeared from the Web, but Val’s original post is available via here.


    The Allende Myth

    Vladimir Dorta


    The failed and tragic attempt by Salvador Allende and the Popular Unity at creating socialism in Chile in 1970-1973 has become a myth for the world left, presented as the possibility of a peaceful and democratic transition to socialism that was destroyed only because the almighty CIA acted as master puppeteer of the Chilean reaction. The myth reinforces itself; while the Cold War context is never mentioned, neither is the fact that the CIA’s workings are well documented whereas the Cuban and Soviet interventions are still mostly unknown. The Allende myth may be good for keeping the socialist faith alive, but it evidently contradicts the historical facts.

    While Augusto Pinochet’s brutal post-coup repression and terrorism cannot be justified, it is essential to explain what led him and the Chilean armed forces to the fateful coup d’état, outside of the fantasy that had him bursting onto the democratic Chilean political scene on September 11, 1973 with readymade CIA orders to stop a beautiful, pacific and liberating socialist dream. For I have no doubts that if the Chilean Marxist experiment had ended in civil war, as it appeared to most observers at the time, it would have been an even greater tragedy or, had it ended as the totalitarian society it pointed to, it would have lasted much longer and would have brought Chileans much more suffering than Pinochet’s ugly but temporary dictatorship.

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    Posted in Anti-Americanism, Book Notes, Civil Society, Cuba, History, Latin America, Leftism | 11 Comments »

    “Fidel Castro Has Yet To Face Justice”

    Posted by Jonathan on 4th December 2006 (All posts by )

    My friend Robert reminds us, in his own words and the words of an American journalist whose father Castro murdered, about the enormous human costs of the Cuban dictatorship.

    Worth reading in full.

    Discuss this post at the Chicago Boyz Forum.

    Posted in Cuba | Comments Off on “Fidel Castro Has Yet To Face Justice”

    Good Source of Info. on Cuban Events

    Posted by Jonathan on 1st August 2006 (All posts by )

    Word is that Castro is not long for this world or indeed has already departed. Babalu Blog has the latest reports and rumors.

    (I am wondering what the proper etiquette is here. Should we send a sympathy card to Oliver Stone?)

    Posted in Cuba | Comments Off on Good Source of Info. on Cuban Events

    Castro Answers Questions

    Posted by Jonathan on 26th July 2006 (All posts by )

    The great comandante shows his respect for human rights and free speech, after a journalist asks him about a Cuban dissident who has dared to express openly her wish to visit relatives outside of Cuba:


    It’s in Spanish but the relevant parts are pretty much self-explanatory.

    (Via, via 26th Parallel.)

    Posted in Cuba | 2 Comments »

    Cuban Dissidents vs. Moral Cripples

    Posted by Jonathan on 14th May 2006 (All posts by )

    Check out some of the comments here.

    (Via 26th Parallel)

    Posted in Cuba | Comments Off on Cuban Dissidents vs. Moral Cripples

    Guillermo Farias

    Posted by Jonathan on 27th March 2006 (All posts by )

    Speaking of free speech, Cuban journalist Guillermo Farias is on a hunger strike. The proximate cause is denial of Internet access, but the real cause is the beastly repressiveness of the Cuban regime. Worldwide publicity about the plight of Mr. Farias — and there are many others like him — is the best response. Tyrants, like vampires, fear light.

    More: Here

    Posted in Cuba | Comments Off on Guillermo Farias

    The MSM Will Counter-Attack

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on 21st March 2005 (All posts by )

    I tried to respond to Mr. Hiteshew’s comment to Nito’s post, but our super-duper comment-spam blocker kept dinging me. So, I’m sticking it here.

    Michael, I don’t start from a false premise. As it happens, I agree with you about linking and fair use. So, three cheers for us. Rather, I am addressing a different but related issue, the one Nito raised in his post.

    I start not from a premise, but from a strategic perspective: I am trying to think of ways the MSM could counter-attack the blogosphere. Under that scenario, I think they could plausibly argue that linking is akin to republication. I think that is a facially plausible argument, which is all they really need. How about putting a disclaimer at the bottom of their webpages saying “any link to this site shall be deemed republication and requires the express, written permission of xxx” and require people to sign up and pay a fee. Then selectively enforce it against anyone who is troublesome by suing them. Would this work? I don’t know. Is it obvious? Yes. Are there any number of further ways that the MSM could strike back, that thoughtful lawyers who are paid to think about these things might come up with? You betcha.

    The point is not what I think the right answer is. What I think should happen in the world is irrelevant even to me at this point, since none of it is likely to happen. The interesting question is the objective one: “Can the MSM raise the cost of alternative, Internet-based media that are eroding their economic and ideological position?” A further question is, “Can the MSM make facially plausible legal claims, now or after taking steps to strengthen their position that could raise the cost of blogging above nearly zero, to reduce the scale of the opposition?” I think the answer to both of these is obviously yes. Even if you are totally right, those are arguments you would have to make in response to a lawsuit, and that is expensive, which is the point, from the perspective of the MSM. The further question is “Will there be fallout, trouble, bad publicity, unintended consequences, if the MSM makes this move?” The answer is yes. Weighing those risks and costs against potential gains is a business decision that the owners of the MSM will have to make. I think you can count on some of them at least trying some kinds of counter-attacks, to see how it goes. They have a lot at stake — everything, in fact: money, influence, their jobs.

    This leaves aside the possibility of the MSM seeking some advantage via legislation or regulatory action, which is a huge front that the MSM is much, much better equipped to operate in than is the dispersed, under-funded blogosphere composed of hobbyists whose livelihoods and careers do not depend on blogging. If I had to place a bet my head but not my heart would say “bet on the organized, well-funded, well-connected guys with big law firms and big lobbyists who are fighting for their lives.” In any case, the MSM is going to respond to the changing environment, since it has to, and some of that response is likely to be aggressive.

    Here is a sad fact, and I mean this without any sarcasm at all. The mere fact that you or anyone happens to be legally, intellectually and morally on the correct side of an issue is only somewhat related to whether you will be able to prevail, whether in litigation, in politics or in any other forum. More importantly, these factors are often inversely correlated with whether you can afford to engage in the combat at all. The guys who are decent and right and good frequently don’t have the money, the organization, the willpower, the time, the ruthlessness to win. As Nito put it, correctly, working for the Dark Side is a better way to get your fees paid in full, on time, on a monthly basis.

    This is not a counsel of despair. But any “blogospheric triumphalism” is not so much premature as just foolish. Let’s be alert. Things are going to get interesting.

    Update: The comments here and to Nito’s post point in the direction I have been trying to push this conversation all along. We should be thinking out loud, wargaming the possible MSM responses to the blogosphere and considering ripostes and even how to push things in a productive direction.

    While the MSM has huge assets, the blogosphere has one advantage the MSM cannot match, if it can be harnessed: Massively distributed intelligence. A good idea put into play by one person can be globally distributed costlessly and, in practical effect, instantly. They hold a lot of cards, we hold one big card.

    Bets, Ladies and Gentlemen?

    Posted in Cuba | 12 Comments »

    Interesting Quiz

    Posted by Michael Hiteshew on 30th December 2004 (All posts by )

    Name That Island

    Posted in Cuba | 2 Comments »