Selected Posts from 2013, continued

A Winter’s Tale. An appropriate post given today’s temperatures.

Saint Alexander of Munich. Alexander Schmorell, a member of the anti-Nazi student resistance group known as the White Rose, has been canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

Deconstructing a Nazi Death Sentence. The transcript of the verdict passed by the “People’s Court” on members of the White Rose provides a window into the totalitarian mind.

Despicable. US Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking in Istanbul, compared the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing to the nine Turkish activists killed by the IDF as they tried to break Gaza’s naval blockade.

Appropriate Reading and Viewing for Obama’s Surveillance State.

Six Hundred Million Years in K-12.

Some 3-D Printing Links.

Aerodynamics, Art History, and the Assignment of Names.

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  1. Kerry is despicable for many reasons having nothing to do with Turkey. It’ amazing that such a man could be elected to the Senate in this country. It says a lot about Massachusetts.

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